Someone Found O.J. Simpson Driving Home In A White SUV After His Release And O.J. Wasn’t Happy


After O.J. Simpson was released from prison today, he was approached and filmed at a gas station while driving home (or wherever he is going) in a white SUV. Sadly, the SUV wasn’t a Ford Bronco.

As badly as the interaction could have gone, hats off to Simpson for mostly keeping his cool. Hell, if some random person followed me for five hours to a gas station and then started asking me random questions on camera, I might pull out a pair of Isotoner gloves, slip them on my hands, and stab them to death. Not O.J., though. He just kept a level head and answered the man’s questions.

He better get used to this, because now that the Juice is officially loose, I can’t imagine that his life is going to be as boring as it was in prison.