PETA Posts Raunchy Video About Vegans Having Wilder Sex And The Internet Spit Out Its Bacon


PETA gets a lot of shit for being a group of holier-than-thou killjoys, but in a perfect world, they are advocating for good.  Cows seem chill, plucking geese feathers seems less than ideal for the geese, chicken are annoying, but they mean well. I wish I didn’t have to eat a 24 oz porterhouse to feel alive. I wish I could rock my high school varsity letterman jacket during the winter months and stay warm. In many ways, I think the folks at PETA are simply stronger willed than I, so like most things I don’t understand, I attempt to destroy its credibility.

This is no different. And I think for once PETA has sold us on a concept that was manufactured out of thin air by a bunch of people high on tofu burgers.

The animal rights activist group posted a 38-second video that I don’t recommend watching with your mother. They attempt to claim that sex while vegan is better, longer, and in the end, you won’t get killed. Check it out below.

Holy shit did not see that Final Destination turn coming. Jesus PETA, take a fucking gluten-free xanax or something. It’s the holiday season.

As you may imagine, this video was mocked into oblivion by the 15,000 people who felt compelled to comment on it. Here are some entertaining reactions:

Real talk, I’d be interesting in hearing from vegans if the sex is better than when they were carnivores. I’m not saying I’ll change my diet, but I need all the help I can get.