WHOA: Dudes Shot A .308 Cal Rifle With A See Through Silencer And Filmed It AT 110,000 FPS

The dudes over at SmarterEveryDay on YouTube have been wanting to put together this video for a while but there were legal hurdles they needed to jump before this could all come together. Permits, training, and (presumably) money for equipment was needed. After finally getting all of their ducks in line they were able to put together one of the coolest shooting videos ever uploaded to YouTube.

They used the high-speed camera to film a .308-caliber rifle firing through a see through suppressor. The see through suppressors used in this film came from Soteria Silence. You can’t actually purchase the see through suppressors on their website because these are products which are still being tested in the field. But, you can find some pretty badass suppressors available for purchase in their inventory.

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