A Ton Of People Are Sleeping With Their Roomies During The Pandemic Since They Can’t Meet Anyone New To Sleep With



Being sexually active during the pandemic has proven to be a helluva lot more difficult than many people probably thought. Like, eight months ago when all of this COVID madness began, there were probably few people who actually thought they’d get no action for months, right? They probably thought many would break the CDC guidelines and sneak out for a little one night stand or something.

Not so fast, my friend.

In fact, according to a new study from the dating company Match Group, it’s been the exact opposite, with the majority of people saying no to being sexually active during this pandemic. That’s probably a bit of a surprise, but, hey, maybe COVID is the one way we’re all practicing safe sex!

Per the Match study, 20 percent of singles said they’ve had sex less frequently during the pandemic than they did before (with 24 percent of men reporting less sex, compared to 17 percent of women). And, get this, the study showed that 13 percent of singles actually turned down sex after being invited to do so by somebody they weren’t quarantined with, which is a larger number than I would’ve imagined.

As for those maintaining a sexually active lifestyle during these difficult times, it turns out those singles with roommates are the ones doing the most bumpin’ and grindin’, with a surprising 25 percent of the study’s respondents saying they got down and dirty with a non-romantic roommate. Hey, when you spend a bunch of time together inside, it’s bound to happen, right?

Here are some other notable facts from the study, per the New York Daily News:

  • 53 percent of singles using dating apps are prioritizing their search for a relationship, a trend that appears to be tied to the pandemic
  • 20 percent said they will insist on mask-wearing throughout the date — and younger daters, Millennials and Gen Zers are even more open to the idea
  • Of those who were sexually active during the pandemic, 16 percent had it with just one other partner, 5 percent had two partners, 3 percent had three and 5 percent had four or more
  • 16 percent of singles polled said they were masturbating more frequently, which probably isn’t much of a shock given the added free time and, you know, not having people to hook up with
  • And, finally, 26 percent of singles broke up during this pandemic, with another percent losing contact with someone about a possible date

If there’s one thing this pandemic has taught us, it’s to never take anything for granted. Whether that’s showing gratitude for the simple things in life, focusing more on yourself, sharing memories and communicating more with friends/family and, of course, being sexually active, once all of this is over, we’ll all (hopefully) be a little different than we were when it first started.

(H/T New York Daily News)