Teaser Trailer For ‘Super Troopers 2″ Is Out And A Highway Patrol Cop Gets His Balls Shaved!

by 2 years ago

Well, smother me in gravy and show me where the wild goose goes! The first teaser trailer for “Super Troopers 2” is already out!!! The sequel to the epic stoner comedy doesn’t come out until the appropriate date of 4/20/2018, but the good boys over at Broken Lizard have wet our whistle with this teaser trailer that features the whole gang including Farva, Thorny, Rabbit, Mac, and Foster.

The teaser features highway patrol cop Rabbit being handcuffed to a bench and having his balls shaved. “Smell that, Rabbit?” *sniff sniff* “Fear.” There’s even a cherry on top! Jim Gaffigan is back as a motorist Mr. Larry Johnson (Not the former Charlotte Hornet) who can’t catch a break and gets pulled over again. This time he gets pulled over by Foster and Mac, who are now Canadian Mounties or as Johnson calls them, “Meownties.”

The synopsis of “Super Troopers” sequel:

“Everyone’s favorite law enforcement team is back by popular demand with the long anticipated follow up to the cult comedy classic…Super Troopers. When an international border dispute arises between the U.S. and Canada, the Super Troopers–Mac, Thorny, Foster, Rabbit, and Farva–are called in to set up a new Highway Patrol station in the disputed area. Unconventional police work follows, and the result is…Super Troopers 2.”

Only 235 days until “Super Troopers 2” hits theaters.


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