This $500 Million Mansion In California Could Double The Price Of The Most Expensive Home Ever Sold In The USA

The One-Bel Air $500 million mansion

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This 100,000 square foot mansion in LA could become the most expensive home ever sold anywhere in the world and it could more than double the most expensive home sold in the USA. Let’s take a moment to let the size of this place sink in. One Hundred Thousand Square Feet. My old apartment in NYC’s SoHo was so small I just checked the listing and they don’t even have the square footage, the living room is just listed as 14’4 x14″.

The mansion is aptly named ‘The One’ and it’s set to demolish global records. The world’s most expensive home ever sold actually took place recently when Cheung Chung Kiu (Hong Kong real estate developer) purchased a mansion in London for $262 million. That’s the global record. The most expensive home ever sold in the United States is a $238 million Manhattan penthouse purchased by Ken Griffin. What’s wild is Griffin actually set the previous record when he spent $122 million on a mansion in London and since then the global market has exploded.

This house is so insane I literally just typed ‘The One Bel-Air’ into Google Maps and it knew exactly what I was looking for because it’s proper name is The One.

So what makes ‘The One’ worth $500 million? Well, it’s 100,000-square-feet, has its own night club, an ‘auto gallery’ which can accommodate 30 cars, 30 bathrooms, 20 bedrooms, a full-sized movie theater with 36 seats, some of the most outrageous views of SoCal in existence, FOUR SWIMMING POOLS, a bowling alley, and a whole lot more.

Here’s a YouTube video of ‘The One’ that’s been making the rounds and showcases just how otherworldly this mega-mansion is.

Just unreal. Truly. The One is big enough to get legitimately lost on your own house.

The One was built by developer Nile Niami who recently said “When you have something that’s as rare as the Mona Lisa, you can command whatever you want for it.” He told Bloomberg that when they started building this mega-mansion he wouldn’t have dreamed of asking $500 million but in the 7 years of this project, the real estate market has changed so much that it’s a very realistic asking price now for many reasons, not least of which is the city of Los Angeles is actively trying to limit construction on new mega-mansions so there won’t be nearly as many in the future.

One thing about the $500 million price tag is that people will actually pay that much for it now and what that enormous sticker price does is lower the pool of potential purchasers to a point that they can realistically find a buyer and work with them to make this mansion fit their needs.