10 Things You Should NEVER Do At A Hotel, According To Hotelier On TikTok

Five Things You Should Never Do At A Hotel According To Hotelier On TikTok


There are certain things you should never do at a hotel, according to a longtime hotel worker whose tips recently went viral on TikTok.

Hotelier @queenevangeline25 begins her video by explaining, “If there’s more than one person staying in the room, I would never not add their name on the reservation. If you, the primary person, happens to be gone and the other person gets locked out and they go to the front desk and their name’s not on the room reservation they don’t get a key. They don’t get in the room, period.”

Makes sense, as does her second tip about staying in a hotel.

“I would never use the remote control without wiping it down first with my own Clorox wipe. You’re cleaning and my cleaning are different cleaning, you feel me?”

She continued, “I would never use the glasses in the room. I’m not talking about the Styrofoam glasses or paper cups. I’m talking about glasses glasses that are sitting there for your use. I would never use them without washing them first.”

That piece of advice jibes with what an ex-hotel employee on TikTok shared last year.

“I would never not sign up for the point program, whatever point program that the hotel is offering. Back in the day, you used to have to really let the points accumulate to actually use them for something good. But these days they actually allow you to use them for other things such as like Amazon points.”

Her fifth tip will really make you think the next time you stay in a hotel

“I would never sit on the bedspread. I would never make myself comfortable on the bedspread, sit on the bedspread, that thing comes off the first minute I walk into the hotel. Those things are not washed often. Nowadays, the upper scale hotels are actually better about, if you notice the bedspreads, the white ones, they’re actually like sheets, flat sheets, that they fold into so people now have them? Those are okay, but if it’s not that and it’s an actual bedspread, those things get cleaned like, maybe once a year. Don’t sit on those.”

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Evangeline’s first set of hotel tips were so popular, getting almost a million views, and she got so many requests, she made a second video with even more advice.

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You can’t say that you haven’t been warned.

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