Dude Scores An Internship With The Best Video Resumé Ever Thanks To Kendrick Lamar’s ‘DNA’

There’s no guarantee that you’ll score an internship or a job just because you think outside of the box, go the extra mile, or any other of those hackneyed phrases that recruiters and employers like to use. But, if you strike gold like this dude did I simply cannot envision a world where the employer doesn’t at least give you a chance.

This dude, Dawayne Kirkland, had to submit a supplement to his internship application at Vayner Media. If you’re not familiar with Vayner Media, it’s a full-service creative agency run by serial entrepreneur, author, vlogger, and all around successful badass Gary Vaynerchuk. Dawayne Kirkland nailed his internship application with this video. He reworked Kendrick Lamar’s ‘DNA’ into a video resumé on why he should get the job. Then, one of his friends took that video and submitted it to Reddit’s r/videos where it was upvoted to the #1 spot on Reddit.

All of those views coming in from Reddit caused the video to trend, and it’s currently the #2 trending video on all of YouTube. Not only did this bro show that he can put together a creative video for his resumé but he was able to see viral success on that YouTube video, something that the hiring team at Vayner Media will love to see.

Now, if you’ve got Kendrick Lamar’s ‘DNA’ stuck in your head after watching that video resumé here’s Kendrick’s music video on that:

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