These Are The Wealthiest Zip Codes Of Every State In America

by 1 year ago

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Wealth is not distributed equally across America. There are pockets of billionaires and multi-millionaires who flock to certain regions of the country (Manhattan, Silicon Valley, etc) for the weather, location, and proximity to other ridiculously wealthy people and all of the perks which come along with that.

Nobody tracks wealth better than Bloomberg. They’ve got the constantly updating ‘Bloomberg Billionaires Index‘ list of the wealthiest billionaires in the world, and recently they’ve put out data on the wealthiest zip codes in America. They’ve tracked every single state to find the wealthiest zip code and have broken it out by region (Northeast, West, Southern, and Midwestern) so it’s easier to digest. What this is measuring is the aggregated gross incomes of households.

Harrison in New York’s Westchester County comes in at #3 with an average household income of nearly $1 million ($976,200). At #2 is California’s Atherton with an average household income of $1,496,500. And at #1 in the nation is Miami Beach, Florida with an average of $2,543,100. If you’d asked me before I looked at this list where the wealthiest part of America is I’m fairly certain I would not have said Florida. But I guess there is a complete lack of affordable housing in Miami Beach whereas in most areas of wealth (in cities) there’s at least some mixture of ultra-luxury and affordable housing.

If those tweets aren’t loading for you then you can access them directly on Twitter Moments, or you can check out the article on Bloomberg.

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