Here’s What Would Happen To Your Body If You Never Showered Again

by 2 years ago

Spoiler alert: you need to shower. Showering with water and soap helps rid your body of dead skin cells, funky smells, and a host of other things. Without showering you’re going to slowly turn into a pile of dead skin and bacteria, and you will smell like total dog shit. Then things get worse.

In the latest clip from YouTube’s ‘Life Noggin’, they explore what exactly would happen to your body if you stopped showering today. There are some crusty ass hippies in the world out there who ditch soap, but they still bathe. This is not a ritual that you can cut from your life no matter how crazy you are.

According to this video, dirty skin means itchy skin. Your itchy skin builds up and before long you’re living with bad dandruff. This leads to scratching, and that can damage your skin in some pretty awful ways. Not showering also opens you up to infections.