How Has The World Survived This Long Without Whiskey Deodorant?

by 3 years ago

Pit Liquor

Each year, companies spend an untold amount of money on marketing to convince manly men that they should buy their super macho product. If you’re familiar with Dr. Pepper Ten’s “It’s Not For Women” campaign, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

However, if there’s one product that doesn’t need hyper-masculine ads to promote itself, it’s whiskey deodorant. Whiskey has been associated with manliness since the days when people used it in place of anesthesia while having a limb amputated, and continues to be the most popular drink amongst people who list Don Draper and Ron Swanson as role models.

While whiskey deodorant might sound like a great way to get fired from your job, but it’s not like you’re opening up a bottle of Maker’s Mark and slapping it on your armpits. Jason and Erica Feucht, the owners of Colorado-based Distilled Bath & Body, have figured out a way to create a product that won’t prompt a police officer to ask you to step out of the car.

The duo recently launched a Kickstarter to raise $12,000 for Pit Liquor, a natural spray-on deodorant that uses a whiskey base to deliver scents that won’t make you smell like an alcoholic. The company plans to produce three different smells— lavender, vanilla, and black pepper— which will set you back $12 for a three-month supply.

Here’s a more in-depth explanation of the science behind their creation:

The alcohol is incredibly high proof (above 136 overproof in the final product), so it’s at least as potent as any hand sanitizer. Your pits stink because of bacteria. The alcohol contains an extract we make of teas that are each antimicrobial, some of them even proprietarily help encourage good bacteria to thrive, which also keeps the stink at bay. We also use salt which will keep you a little more dry and unfriendly to bacteria. And the final gut-punch to your pit stink is the arrowroot. Arrowroot remains in powder form in the liquor. It helps with dryness and also keeps you antimicrobial all day.

It’s worth noting an ultra-bitter tea is added to the deodorant to ensure people won’t end up drinking it (although I’d question if that would stop anyone who’s reached a point where they’re considering drinking deodorant in the first place). The couple is hoping to have bottles ready to be shipped out just in time for Christmas.