10 Insane Things You Didn’t Know About Louis C.K.

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Louis C.K. Made The President of The American Catholic League Look Really Stupid

Louis' comedy doesn't go down smooth for everyone. He's not afraid to talk about the taboo or the disgusting to get a chuckle. He's pissed all kinds of religious nut-jobs off. After the American Catholic League's president, Bill Donahue denounced C.K.'s short-lived HBO series 'Lucky Louie' as “barbaric,” Louis confronted him and, in true bro fashion–actually got him to admit he had never actually watched an episode.

Louis C.K. Practices Bros Before Hoe Management Companies

Joe Rogan should just take his name and change it to Bro Brogan. Not only is he a badass color commentator for the UFC, but he is also a great comedian. Joe had long waged a war on the bullshit, joke-stealing hack, Carlos Mencia. He had gone on Youtube and even confronted Mencia on stage once about his material thievery. Louis C.K. knows firsthand how bad it sucks when an unoriginal bastard steals your jokes. Joe and C.K. shared the same management company and when they asked Rogan to stop harassing their other client (Carlos)--Louis dropped their managerial services like a fat chick from the softball team.

Louis is a Charitable Guy

Louis C.K. changed the entire comedy business world when he decided to skip the middle man and offer his special directly to the public himself for five bucks.His gamble paid off and earned him a cool one MILLION dollars. Louis' Bro-sense started to tingle and realized that giving back is the way. C.K. actually donated $280,000 of the money he made from the special to 5 different charities. May he see a sweet pair of naked boobies for each dollar donated.

'Pootie Tang' Was Written and Directed by Louis C.K.

The movie 'Pootie Tang' was an odd movie about a badass that spoke his own special language. It was pretty hilarious, but the last person you would expect had anything to do with that movie was Louis C.K. It turns out that he was actually the pen behind the script and the guy responsible for directing the film.

Louis C.K. is of Mexican Descent

Upon looking at the gingerly qualities of Louis, he looks like he is the exact opposite of a Mexican person. C.K. actually lived in Mexico City until the age of 7. His father was the son of a Hungarian who emigrated there and married a local woman. He was born in Washington D.C. but lived a large portion of his childhood in Mexico and is of Mexican descent through the paternal side of his family.

Louis C.K. Couldn't Speak English Until He Was Seven

Because of Louies' upbringing in Mexico, it wasn't until he was 7 years old that he actually learned to speak English. Dudes everywhere should rejoice, because Louis' routine in Spanish isn't nearly as funny, plus there are certain words he uses in his act that probably have absolutely no translation.

Louis C.K. Had An Award Winning Short Film in 1993

While Louis has paid his dues and been doing standup for many years, his true success didn't really begin until the last decade or so. Early nineties guys did have a chance to get a sneak peak at the awesomeness C.K. would bestow on society when he won an award at Sundance in 1993 for a short film he produced entitled 'Ice Cream.'

The C.K. in His Name Aren't Initials

Entertainers with names that are hard to pronounce have several different scenarios that can play out when dealing with the issue. They can completely change their names to something bizarre like Lady Gaga. They will sometimes give themselves superhero names like 'Blade' or 'Edge'. Louis real last name –Székely is actually pronounced Cee-Kay... so Louis kept his name but made it easier for the folks who had to say it by changing it to “C.K.”

Louis C.K. Voiced Brendan's Dad in 'Home Movies'

Long before Brendan Small's epic metal cartoon 'Metalocalypse' ever hit the airwaves of Adult Swim, he did another cartoon. It was called 'Home Movies' and followed the adventures of a movie making elementary student named Brendan Small. The lead character had an absentee father who started showing up in later seasons. The deadbeat dad's voice was made possible courtesy of one Louis C.K. He's an animated dude.

Louis C.K. is Best Friends WIth 'Community's' Star-Burns

Everyone loves Star-Burns from Community. How can you not love a guy who has carved his sideburns into stars? Well, Louis C.K. must feel the same way because in real life he is best friends with Dino S, the guy who plays Star-Burns. You would need a professional cleanup crew to take care of the giant pool of urine brought on by the laughter of kicking it in the same room with these two

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