25 Netflix Instant Watch Movies You Should See

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2. “Restrepo”
In this doc*mentary set in the most dangerous valleys of Afghanistan, journalist Sebastian Junger (“The Perfect Storm”) and director Tim Hetherington shed light on many human sides of war. Won Best Doc*mentary at Sundance.

3. “Black Hawk Down”
One of the most badass films ever made, this movie concentrates on U.S. Rangers and Delta Force teams as they attempt to kidnap two key players of the Somalian tribal regime. Based on a true story.

4. “Heat”
An amazing crime drama featuring Val Kilmer, Robert De Niro, and Al Pacino, in which “the line between cop and criminal isn't always well-defined.” Tons of epic one-liners and automatic weapons.

5. “Jackass 2.5”
This edition of “Jackass” actually solidly expands on “Jackass 2.” Expect Knoxville and Steve-O to do bat-shit insane drug-induced acts while Bam does his typically boring “I bet up my parents” act.

6. “Heartbreak Ridge”
GO AMERICA. That's all you'll be thinking as you watch Clint Eastwood as war veteran Tom Highway, who is assigned to get a bunch of new Marines into fighting shape and breaks them down through insults: “Sergeant, get that contraband stogie out of my face before I shove it so far up your ass that you'll have to stick a match up your noise to light it.”

7. “Cocaine Cowboys”
Sure, it may inspire you to move to Miami in an effort to start moving the white-girl dance powder, but this doc*mentary is so much more. It goes deep into the killing, “Miami Vice” days, when people were unloading coke in broad daylight. Should be #1 on your queue.

8. “Zombieland”
At first glance, you may think this is an uber-hipster comedy, but Woody Harrelson keeps the movie running. Expect one of the greatest cameos ever by a comedic great.

9. “Casino”
A Scorsese masterpiece that features Joe Pesci, Sharon Stone, and De Niro. Cocaine, gambling, and Nevada desert murders: The pinnacle of 1970s and ’80s Las Vegas.

10. “Rudy”
Lou Holtz may have this in his “adult video” section since the dude is obsessed. You've seen it a hundred times, but it's always worth another viewing. A small guy tries out for the ND football squad, with the smallest odds of actually making the team. I bet he makes it…

11. “The Beach”
After Richard (Leonardo DiCaprio) hears of a secret beach that defines paradise, he sets out to find the tropic location. Of course, all isn't perfect… shit gets wild. Beautiful beaches and hot babes, it should get you stoked for Spring Break '11.

12. “Days of Thunder”
Back in the day, Tom Cruise was a Bro king. In this flick he plays a stock car driver named Cole Trickle, and Nicole Kidman plays his post-crash doctor. Grab the Bud Heavies and cheer the years when Cruise didn't ruin America with Scientology. I mean look at that rad Mello Yello get-up he has on.


13. “In the Line of Fire”
A triple-Oscar nominated American thriller in which veteran Secret Service agent (Eastwood) remains tormented that he was unable to save JFK years earlier. So when threats for the new president arises in the form of John Malkovich, so does Eastwood's obsession and my general love of America.

14. “Bourne Identity”
You can't miss with the Bourne flicks. Damon plays a world-class spy who does not remember any details of his life. Follow him as he figures out why and where he comes from.

15. “Friday”
Ice Cube and Chris Tucker are from South Central L.A. and like weed and women. Should I explain much more? It's funny as shit.

16. “Full Metal Jacket”
Directed by Stanley Kubrick, “Jacket” offers a dark look at the trials of American soldiers in Vietnam, but it's Pvt. Pyle (Vincent D'Onofrio) who steals the first half of the movie.

17. “Tears of the Sun”
I can't leave a Bruce Willis movie off the list. He plays a Navy SEAL in the jungles of Africa who must rescue a doctor, who happens to be smokeshow Monica Bellucci. Watch Willis guide 40 injugred Nigerian patients through hell.

18. “Warren Miller's: Cold Fusion”
Since AG's ski trip recently was cancelled, at least the guy can feel like he's carving the slopes. Warren Miller is a ski doc*mentary legend. The soundtrack on this badboy is also epic. Miller captures the mountain at its purest moments… via heli-skiing.

19. “The Saint”
Val Kilmer is thief Simon Templar who avoids heat by using the names of obscure saints. For his next job, Templar must steal the formula for cold fusion, but of course a smoking hot babe (Elisabeth Shue) makes him consider which is more important… cash or chicks? Cash.

20. “Sex Drive”
A dude is desperate to lose his virginity at 18 (late bloomer), so he drives from Chicago to Knoxville. Of course, shit goes wrong, but let this be a lesson: never drive more than a half hour for golden snatch.

21. “Heist”
Another screen great, Gene Hackman, must pull off one final robbery before he leaves the game forever. Also stars Danny DeVito.

22. “Step Brothers”
You should have seen this already, but if not, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are grown men who move in together when their single parents get married. Ridiculousness ensues. Fucking Catalina wine mixer.

23. “District 9”
Usually sci-fi movies suck, but this one is amazing. It was nominated for Best Picture last year at the Academy Awards. Basically, after aliens land on earth, we let them live near us, in containment camps, but when we attempt to move them… shit can only go wrong.

24. “Out Cold”
Simple: Dudes love to snowboard at their favorite mountain where they crush brews. But then someone tries to take their mountain! Stars Zach Galifianakis before anyone knew who he was.

25. “The Football Factory”
A sweet movies about a guy who spends his days working a boring job, but whose weekends are fueled by drugs, sex, soccer, and soccer fights. It's a more real version of “Green Street Hooligans.” It's crazy these soccer bouts.

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