Adam DeVine Told Conan O’Brien About His First Time Getting High



Sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. That’s not only the life motto of a very unoriginal individual, but those also represent the three things in your life that you definitely never forget the first time you did them and they usually leave you with a decent story to tell.

Last night, Workaholics Adam Devine shared the story of the first time he got high with Conan O’Brien. He and I are not pot eskimo brothers, we didn’t have a similar first experience. According to him, he was kind of unfazed by it, just all ho-hum and shit, whereas I couldn’t feel my legs and my other extremities weren’t doing to hot either. I was told, “that’s how you know it’s good.” Then I passed out only to wake up with a half eaten Twix on my chest and thankfully no stool in my pants.

What was your first time like? Sign up and sound off in the comments.

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