Alison Brie Talks About Landing ‘GLOW’ Role By Freestyling About Lady Parts

Alison Brie appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers last night to discuss her latest starring role on Netflix’s GLOW. If you haven’t seen it yet, GLOW stands for the ‘Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling’ and it’s based on a real all-female wrestling circuit from the 1980’s. In the show, Alison Brie plays the role of a ‘heel’ (wrestling villain).

On Seth Meyers last night, Alison talked about how she believes she landed the starring role on Netflix by freestyle rapping in her audition, and rhyming ‘Boris’ with ‘Clitoris’. HUGE, if true. This means I could be in line for the next starring role on Netflix because the only things I’m capable of rhyming are euphemisms for fe/male genitalia, and sex acts.

I’d be remiss if, like Seth Meyers, I didn’t at least make mention of how insanely good looking Alison Brie is these days after all of the GLOW workouts she was put through. You’d already know this if you had binge-watched GLOW because Alison Brie gets naked in the locker room within the first 5 minutes of the Pilot episode. I just have to say, that dress is barely holding on and it’s a fantastic look for her.

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