The Answer This Guy Gave On ‘Jeopardy!’ Is Basically One Giant ‘Fuck You’ To Everyone And People LOVED It

by 4 years ago


There are only a few things that are a given with any Jeopardy! episode:

1. Alex Trebek will act like a smug, fart-sniffing know it all
2. Someone will shit the bed with their Final Jeopardy answer
3. One of the contestants will try to make a joke, fail, and we the viewers will have to sit through a few seconds of painful silence

While Tom technically did shit the bed with his Final Jeopardy answer on last night’s episode, he also did not give a single fuck. Not one. In fact the entire episode was just one big lead-up to his Final Jeopardy performance, including but not limited to posing at the camera like he was at an audition for America’s Next Top Model:





As for his Final Jeopardy answer, read what he wrote and then take a gander at that smug face. “Fuck yeah assholes, I don’t know jack SHIT about Vaginal Post-Literate Literature and I hope y’all know it.”

Honestly, if Jeopardy! had more contestants like Tom you’d bet your butt I’d be a consistent viewer.

All hail Tom.

[H/T E! Online]