Anthony Anderson Tells Conan About The Time His Mom Taught Him (And His Friends) How To Perform Oral Sex

by 1 year ago

Actor Anthony Anderson’s career has exploded over the past few years. Ever since he landed the lead role on Blackish he’s been everywhere.

Last night, Anthony Anderson appeared on Conan and skipped the usual chitchat about things like upcoming projects and family. Instead, Anthony kicked off the interview by telling Conan O’Brien about how Anthony’s mother taught him (and his friends) how to perform oral sex.

This all went down back when Anthony was in college and was home for the weekend with some friends. His mom busted out her extensive collection of pornography, and not only did she teach the men how to ‘eat the cookie’ but she also taught the girlfriends in the room how to give a proper blowjob. His mom would go into graphic detail while putting on the porn videos about how the young men and women in the room should be behaving in the bedroom.

For comparison’s sake, I’ve never even heard my mother say the word sex. My parents elected to skip over ‘the sex talk’ entirely, and instead opted to go through life acting like sex was something that we only saw in movies. I can’t even wrap my sheltered suburban mind around what life must’ve been like in Anthony Anderson’s household. In fact, the only thing Anthony Anderson and I have in common when it comes to sexual upbringing is we both share the last name ‘Anderson’.

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