Armless Tisha Shelton Gets the Tosh.0 Web Redemption, and It’s Hilarious and Heartfelt

by 8 years ago

Instead, the segment turns out to be awesome, one of the best we've seen on the show. A lot of that is due to Tisha. She's a great sport and an absolute sweetheart, as well as an inspiration to any of us who take the mundane aspects of day-to-day existence—cooking dinner, getting dressed, taking a shower, taking a crap—for granted. And Tosh also does an admirable job, striking the right tone between showing amazement at how Tisha lives and poking just enough fun so as not to seem like he's treating her with kid gloves. It's a testament to using comedy to deal with difficult subject matter in an honest, funny way. Well done all around.

H/T: Tosh.0

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