Arnold Schwarzenegger Might’ve Just Dropped The Single Greatest Snapchat Of All-Time

Just like us here at BroBible, of course Arnold Schwarzenegger is on Snapchat, because the dude knows how to party. Unlike us, however, he’s got an amazing repertoire of famous movie quotes to his name, and the ability to bust them out at a moment’s notice.

Earlier this afternoon, Arnie checked in with what might be the greatest Snapchat in the history of mankind (excluding DJ Khaled getting lost at sea, of course) when, for a split second, he reincarnated Dutch from Predator and delivered his “GET TO THE CHOPPA!” line with absolute perfection.

Not everyday Arnold Schwarzenegger is just dropping world-renowned movie quotes on your mobile phone screen, now, is it?

Did you need anymore reason to follow the Governator on Snapchat? Didn’t think so. And while you’re at it, throw BroBible1 a follow too, because we also bring the Snap heat on the daily!

Speaking of heat, here’s some tips on success from Arnold himself:


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