‘Bad Johnson’ is a Movie About a Man’s Penis Falling Off and Turning Into a Human (Trailer)


Stop me if you’ve heard this movie plot before…

Man loves having sex.

Man loves having sex so much that he can’t stop ruining his own relationships by getting caught having sex with other women.

Man is tired of his constant need for sex with strangers ruining his relationships.

Man finally has a breakdown and late one night he pleads to the universe AT JUST THE RIGHT MOMENT, asking for it to make his Dick leave him alone.

Man wakes up the very next day WITHOUT A DICK.

Man thinks that’s some crazy shit. Crazy enough to show his workout buddy his smooth, genitalia-less crotch.

But wait. The real crazy happens when the Man’s dick reaches out to him VIA PHONE to tell Man its become a human.

Man somehow doesn’t blow his own brains out.

Man instead uses this time as a dickless wonder to learn how to follow his heart and not his cock. And also to game plan with his  human cock as to how they will turn it/him back into a dick.

In the end, WHO KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN, but you can be sure everyone will have been better off for having had the experience, as wildly unlikely as it all is…

That, my friends, is the plot of Bad Johnson. And you thought Hollywood ran out of good ideas.

This movie may or may not be in a theater near you on May 2.

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[H/T: Jezebel]