Barack Obama Singing ‘Hotline Bling’ By Drake Is Now A Thing That Exists

by 2 years ago

What works about this particular BarackDub is that Drake’s dancing is so…shall I say… special, that you could really imagine Barack Obama actually dancing like this. You know, if you didn’t already have previous, existing knowledge that he dances like this…

Holy Cringeworthy Fuck. If I saw someone dancing like that in public I’d grab him by the shoulders and ask what kind of palsy ails him. That is some unspeakably bad dancing.

Anyway, if you need something to share on social media when a GOP candidate ultimately says something wildly stupid or offensive in tonight’s GOP debate, feel free to use this…

Obamaline Bling. (Made with @Spun)

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Or you can just use this, because it’s never not spectacular and appropriate.


Dude’s dancing like Maury just told him the kid isn’t his. No better feeling in the world, I’d have to imagine.

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