Bill Burr Had A Painfully Awkward Interview With Stephen Colbert

Bill Burr is a national treasure and has gotten a good deal of his viral popularity from his appearances on “Conan” where he DESTROYS. Whether he’s talking about rooting for Justin Bieber, President Donald Trump, people getting ravaged on Black Friday, calling “Star Wars” overrated, Americans moving to Canada after the election, Caitlin Jenner, and making Conan O’Brien laugh the hardest he’s ever laughed. However, it appears that Billy Redface doesn’t have the same chemistry with Stephen Colbert.

Billary Burrham Clinton appeared on The Late Show on Friday and things started off on the wrong foot as Colbert introduced him as a “the undisputed heavyweight champ of rage-fueled humor.” Billy the Baker took exception to the moniker and said he’s not angry and things only went worse for all parties involved after that.

Billdo dished out his typical “so honest it hurts” comedy that we have come to adore, but it seemed that Colbert and his audience were not feeling it. Old Billy Red Tits attempted to broach several different topics such as how candy stores ruined Times Square and made New Yorkers soft and sensitive. He noted that the audience groaning at his jokes as proof. The biggest applause from the crowd seemed to be when Billy Blueballs said that he is probably going to be washed up in six months.

Colbert’s loss is definitely Conan’s gain.