Bill Clinton Films ‘Hangover 2’ Cameo in Thailand

by 8 years ago

No, Alan, Stu, Phil, and Doug don't run into Bubba at a red-light district brothel surrounded by girls promising to love the boys “long time.” It looks as if they share a rickshaw ride with the President. In the above right photo from TMZ, Clinton is on the left in the rickshaw, with Zach Galifianakis (sporting a bald head) in the middle, and Bradley Cooper on the right.

According to People, Clinton was in town to deliver a speech on clean energy. There are no new details about the plot of the movie, but we're assuming it's set almost entirely in Bangkok. Do you think the guys are there for another bachelor party? On the IMDB page, it says Stu has an Asian fiancee, played by Korean-American actress Jamie Chung (and who's clearly not Heather Graham's Jade). So maybe they're in town for some pre-wedding hijinks.

“The Hangover 2” hits theaters on May 26.

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