The First Full-Length ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Trailer Finally Has Me Hyped AF For This Film

I was skeptical early on that Blade Runner 2049 would live up to the legacy of the original film. Harrison Ford’s Blade Runner (1982) is one of the most beloved Sci-Fi films ever produced. To try and catch lightning in a bottle twice, and to do it 35 years after the original film was released, that’s a seemingly impossible task.

The first full-length trailer to Blade Runner 2049 was released today, and I’m finally convinced that this is going to be a phenomenal Sci-Fi Thriller. Ryan Gosling is perfect for this role. Harrison Ford is coming back in some capacity. Dave Bautista is EASILY the best wrestler-turned-actor, and certain to play a memorable role in the film. Rounding out the cast is Jared Leto and pretty much every up-and-coming hot chick in Hollywood at the moment and all signs are pointing to a massive box office success with this film.

Blade Runner 2049 hits theaters on October 6th, so we’ve still got a long time until the release. I expect a literal shit ton of hype between now and then, especially after seeing this glorious trailer.

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