Sacha Baron Cohen Talks About The Time He Trolled A Real Porno Shoot As ‘Borat’ With A Giant Leather Condom

by 4 years ago

YouTube / Team Coco

I don’t want to take anything away from Borat, like most of the world I loved that movie when it came out and for years it was one of the most quotable comedy films around. However, after watching Sacha Baron Cohen discuss the one scene cut from Borat, where he trolled an actual porn set as Borat and busted out a giant leather condom, I think the film stopped short of being perfect.

This came in an interview last night on Conan, where Sacha Baron Cohen didn’t get into character but did repeatedly call upon the Borat voice while telling his story:

Come on! How did that porn director keep the camera rolling and keep shooting new takes??? How in the actual hell did he not realize that the entire set was getting trolled??? The director basically allowed him to take over his film set for over an hour, without any sex having at all. I feel like having gone through this interview I now desperately need to track down the porn actors on set and get their perspective. How many times where the two girls going at it when the director called cut? These are the questions I must know the answer to…

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