Bradley Cooper’s New Movie ‘Burnt’ Looks Like Porn For People Who Work In Restaurant Kitchens

by 3 years ago

Every single year, Bradley Cooper throws his hat in the ring for an Oscar. Cooper’s Oscar pony this year a movie called Burnt about the hard-partying life of a rockstar chef who falls from culinary grace and ends up on a Louisiana drug bender. It’s like Chopped meets Anthony Bourdain meets Gordon Ramesy, except hopefully Sienna Miller gets naked in it.

This movie is going to be porn for people who work in the restaurant industry, which is now fetishized in pop culture more than ever. Personally, reminds me of my days working in restaurant kitchens back in high school and college. Sometimes I miss it — you’re on your feet, you’re surrounded by delicious, wonderful food (perfect for a gastronome fatass like me), there’s action every night, and there’s always random melodrama, like the time a very drunk Sous-Chef threw a lit chafing dish at me but then had to put out the flames because — oops! — he spilled a lit sterno candle all over the kitchen floor. That was a fun night.

No one parties harder than a kitchen after closing for the night. The best thing about it is that you usually don’t have to report to work until the afternoon, so you have all the time in the world to sleep that hangover off.

Working in a restaurant is the best. Working at BroBible is pretty cool too. But I still 100% believe working in the service industry is an experience every person should go through at least once in life.

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