BroBible Nominates 20 Fictional Athletes to Their Respective Hall of Fames

by 8 years ago

Nick Nolte (Pete Bell) for getting his act together and finally paying his athletes in “Blue Chips.” 

Forest Whitiker (Mr. Rucker) for his role as a do-good janitor in “Rebound: The Legend of Earl 'The Goat' Manigault.”


Lil Bow Wow for his serious lack of Jordanesque skillz (with a “z”) in “Like Mike.”

Craig Scheffer (Joe Kane) for no other reason than being awesome in “The Program.” 

Ed the Monkey for accurately portraying life as a major league pitcher in “Ed” and for out-acting Matthew LeBlanc.

Shawna Waldron (Becky “IceBox” O'Shea) for being a frigid b*tch who crossed gender lines in “Little Giants.”

Billy Blanks (Billy Cole) for literally killing people on his way to the end zone and then celebrating his touchdown by blowing his own brains out in “The Last Boy Scout.”

Sylvester Stallone (Lincoln Hawk) for rippin' arms off in “Over the Top.” (Two-sport athlete, b*tches.)

Gary Cole (Reese Bobby) for not only his rampant alcohol abuse but also for teaching children the importance of first place in “Talladega Nights.”


Mike Vitar (Benny Rodriguez) for his breakaway speed and lack of violence towards the neighborhood dork in “The Sandlot.”


Carl Weathers (Apollo Creed) for dying in the f*cking ring in “Rocky 4.” A real p*ssy move on his part but you gotta love that dedication.
Bill Murray (Ernie McCracken) for winning the Reno Open against a one-handed man in “Kingpin.”

John Tuturro (Jesus Quintana) for his filthy form and showmanship in “The Big Lebowski.”

Bud, the dog from “Air Bud” for having the only sports movie series, outside of “Rocky,” to have five sequels. Fucking phenomenal.

Richard Prior (Montgomery Brewster) for having a stacked trust fund to fall back on in “Brewster's Millions.”

Corbin Bernsen (Roger Dorn) for being the most affluent player with the hottest wife on the team in “Major League.”


Kevin Costner (Crash Davis, Billy Chapel, Ray Kinsella) for really really wanting to be a baseball player in “Bull Durham,” “For the Love of the Game,” and “Field of Dreams.” 


Gordon Bombay (Emilo Estevez) for basically naming a professional hockey team, “The Mighty Ducks.”  (He honestly might have an argument with this one.)


Christopher McDonald (Shooter McGaven) for his arrogance and breakfast habits in “Happy Gilmore.”
Danny McBride (Kenny Powers) for merely being Kenny Fucking Powers in “East Bound & Down.”

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