‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’ Trailer Takes You to a Dark and Dangerous Future

by 8 years ago

In the heavily anticipated trailer for “Black Ops 2,” it shows that the American military has traded in their soldiers for an advanced fighting force of unmanned drones and automated tanks. Unfortunately the enemy has hijacked those highly technological weapons and turned them against us. With the computerized weapons betraying us, it will take the services of brave soldiers to battle our own forces. The trailer begins in the year 2025 with USMC. SGT. Franks Woods, who if you recall appeared in the original “Black Ops.” He's much older now and confined to a wheelchair and speaks of how the machines turned against us. The game appears to take place mostly in a devastated Los Angeles, but there is also some desert scenes that could be set in the Middle East. With walking robot tanks, helicopter/airplane hybrids, and plenty of drones the action looks to be non-stop.

“Black Ops 2” will be available on all platforms on November 13th.

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