The First Teaser For ‘Castlevania’ From Netflix Looks Pretty Intense

by 10 months ago

Fans of the retro gaming franchise Castlevania were beyond stoked when Netflix announced it would be turning the video games into a TV series. The original Castlevania game was released by Konami all the way back in 1986 on Nintendo’s NES console. I’ll be honest with you bros, I barely remember the specifics of this game. All I really remember is running through a dark castle and throwing knives.

The Castlevania series didn’t stop in 1986. Hell no. There have been 42 games released over the years which related to the Castlevania series. At its core, the game follows the Belmont family who is a group of traveling vampire hunters. So the basis of this new animated series from Netflix will be animated vampire hunting. Beyond that, we don’t really know what to expect from Castlevania.

I’m sure lifelong fans of the video game franchise will have very strong and polarizing opinions on this series the second it is released. As for the teaser trailer, I’m not sure I can take much away from this other than to say it looks extremely intense.

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