Catching Up With Coke-Snorting Vince While Searching for Sloan

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First of all, my apologies for being so lackluster in keeping up with my “Entourage” recap duties. Last week, we were in the throes of re-launching the website and it just wasn't happening. And, as you can probably tell from the fact that things still aren't quite right on the site, my time this week has been otherwise occupied. But joePA keeps telling me I've got to at least post up these new photos of Emmanuelle Chriqui, so I figure better late than never.

Speaking of Chriqui, I think HBO has released more glamour shots of her lounging by a pool than Sloan has received minutes of screen time this season. And don't get me started on that topl*ss shot from the back two weeks ago that only Eric f*cking Murphy could enjoy. Just not fair.

O.K., let's play catch up.

The Recap
The bottom line is that Vince is on the verge of rehab, and just about everyone knows it but him. Isn't that how things go for coke-snorting, hard-drinking, adult entertainment star-banging Hollywood hot shots? Also, Vince's relationship with Sasha Grey is most assuredly doomed, which is a shame considering we never mind seeing her b**bs or hearing her say things like, “Don't worry about it. It's a five-guy gangbang, so nobody gets any one-on-one time with me,” or, “I want to be able to swallow anything” as her superpower. Oh Sasha, how we'll miss you.

In this past Sunday's episode, Vince convinces the studio to sign him up for the “Airwalker” trilogy without having to take a drug test, which causes director Randall Wallace to walk (good riddance). I'll be curious to see whether he tries to pull a big-name director replacement out of his ass or whether the coke and tequila gets to him first. I'm betting the latter.

It was good to see E man up and show some some balls in the episode, b*tching out Scotty Lavin, telling Phil at CBS to not threaten him because he owns Drama's project, and taking Vince to task for being a coke fiend. You know what was funny, though? E's “I'm-mad-as-hell” stomping around the office hallways. We get it, E, you're pissed, stop trying to walk the halls like Joe Pesci.

Mrs. Ari's reaction to Deadline Hollywood's printing of Lizzie Grant's tapes was a bit overblown in our opinion. Like she didn't know that her husband was the biggest a**hole in Hollywood? Or that he treats his employees like shit and his clients only marginally better? I guess it's always hard to read that kind of stuff in print — or to hear from your mother or kids' friends' parents that they've read it, too — but, come on, Mrs. Ari, don't be so naive. Earlier this season, we mentioned that we saw a potential separation on the horizon for the couple. Despite a few glimmers of genuine shock from over his wife's newly expressed feelings, the therapy session only seemed to foreshadow an intensifying of their marriage troubles. Also, a little infidelity — perhaps with Dana Gordon, who Ari keeps saying he would bang if given the chance — is still not out the question in our eyes. Perhaps a drunken kiss, in front of Mrs. Ari, prompts a season-finale separation, and then Ari must work the entire final season of the show to reconcile. (I know, still sounds too much like “Curb.”)

As for the other characters, Drama is warming up to his gorilla show; we think it'll take one hot girl to tell him how cute his animated persona would be in order to get him to agree. I'm so sick of Turtle and his tequila, but the arrival of Mark Cuban the savior (with Bob Odenkirk as his assistant) at least brought in another fun Dallas sports-pegged cameo. Isn't Mark Cuban weird, by the way? I dunno. He's just weird.

Best Cameos
Other than Cuban, Odenkirk, and whoever that former UCLA player was, cameo of the night clearly goes to Jeffrey Tambor, who arrives at the agency to give Ari a pre-therapy session pep talk (“when a friend is in need…”). Our favorite non sequitur from Tambor: “Well, there was that little incident on 'Arrested Development.'”

Best Lines

  • Drama: “My moves are so good, Alex, I should be on 'Dancing with the Stars.' “ By the way, the news today that Bristol Palin will be on “DWTS” only makes this line funnier.
  • Ari to Mrs. Ari re. their bedroom: “If you don't want to have sex and you don't want to talk, what else is there to do in here?”
  • Ari, regarding his quoted “sign the contract with a pen or his dick” line: “It's an expression.”
  • Drama: “Lloyd, I'm working on my body right now, my real body.”
  • Lloyd to E: “I always imagined a double teaming would be more fun than that.”
  • Ari, re. the tone of the staff meeting: “Kissing our employees' asses so no work gets done and we don't get sued.”
  • Ari to Dana: “Deadline Hollywood has rendered me no longer able to flirt.”
  • Ari's entire f*ck-in-the-ass rant to Dana Gordon.
  • Scotty to Vince, after telling him to break up with Sasha: “I'd still like to date one of her friends.”
  • Ari to a literary agent, as quoted by his lawyer: “Suggested you have your c*nt removed to remove your c*ntiness.”
  • Billy Walsh calling Scotty E's “body double.”

Best Little Moment You Probably Missed
When Dana Gordon is walking through the studio lot talking on the phone, there's a group of Asian businessmen right behind her throughout the entire shot. If these guys didn't pay a million each for a cameo on the show, Doug Elin isn't as smart as I think he is.

The Talent
O.K., here are your Sloan photos, if for no other reason than that there was no other talent on the his week's show, and she looked pretty damn fine in that black number in the opening scene at the club.

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