Charlie Sheen Invented a Pivoting Chapstick Lid, Trademarked Anti-Drug Slogan

by 8 years ago

In 1999, Sheen and his partner Roger D. Thomasen jointly filed a patent for a chapstick lid that pivots on a hinge, so you can't lose your chapstick cap. Actually a brilliant idea. There is nothing more gross that losing your cap — in an old coat pocket somewhere there's now chapstick crap everywhere.

And you fans of irony will love this: Sheen also trademarked the phrase “Drugs are Loser-Friendly” in 1998 for any and all merchandise. I would love to take bets to see how long it takes him to remember that and then start slapping that all over all kinds of random crap… right above #winning.

Charlie Sheen Trademark Drugs

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