Remember The Video About The Girlfriend Who Was Cheating On Her Boyfriend With Six Dudes? Well…



As the saying goes, if it smells like bullshit, it probably is bullshit. Remember that video Mac Lethal dropped based on an e-mail from a fan named “Darryl” who claimed his girlfriend was cheating on him with six dudes? Well it turns out it was a big, fat FAKE. According to a now-deleted Facebook post, Mac Lethal took the video off YouTube because apparently the girl pictured in the video, “Nicole,” sued him. Except even that was a big fat lie, according to Darryl who went on Reddit to try clearing everything up. The guy called out Mac Lethal HARD:



What a lame publicity stunt, even though the Honey Nut Cheerios line was kind of legit. Pretty jackass move on Mac Lethal’s part to use that girl’s image and basically call her out as the ultimate cheating jezebel. That’s defamation of character and libel right there.



I know this is shocking to a lot of you, but very few things you see on the Internet are ever 100% legit. Here’s Mac’s apology: