How To Take A Better Dick Pic, According To Comedian Eric Andre

by 3 years ago

I have to applaud what comedian Eric Andre is all about in this GQ video — Rather than just doing stealthy, incognito Brett Favre-style dong shots, he’s championing face-in-the-frame nudes so that special someone can *really* see what you’re made of. Like, you can’t agree with Clint Eastwood saying we’ve all become a generation of PC wimps when you’re too much of a puss to throw yourself — warts and all — into your dick pics. You have to own it.

If you can’t be proud of showing your own genitalia, you’re pretty much proving his point that millennials are a generation of losers. If 1,100 could stand to be nude around each other on a runway in Maine in 1996 for photographer Spencer Tunick, you can not hide from yourself in your own crotch shots.

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