Comedian Tells a Ridiculous Story About Doing Ecstasy In a Bar with the Lead Singer of Sum 41

by 4 years ago

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Remember Sum 41? I saw them in 2001 right after they released All Killer, No Filler open for Cheap Trick at a small theater in Hagerstown, Maryland. I won the tickets from a radio station. I was 14 at the time, but holy shit did that show suck.

Anyway, Sum 41 is the shitty Canadian band that didn’t sing “All the Small Things” or “Stacey’s Mom.” Their big hit was “Fat Lip.” Remember that jam from early ‘aughts alt-radio?

Anyway, nothing in this ridiculous story from stand-up comedian Andrew Collin is factual, but that doesn’t make it amusing as hell.

“I’m Deryck fucking Whibley.”

“That’s not my fucking band!’ 

Could have confused us.

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