After Seeing This Review On ‘Creed’ We Should All Ditch Our Families And Go See It Tomorrow

Anyone who knows me knows I have a boner from here to the moon for Rocky, Rambo and basically any badass Stallone movie. Don’t know why that is, exactly, but I find it’s best to go through life without asking any questions whatsoever.

When I first heard about Creed, I had mixed feelings. One one hand, I wanted to see it, because my aforementioned Stallone boner, or STALLONER (Copyright, J.Camm 2015). On the other hand, I didn’t want to leave the theater disappointed and screaming “THE WRONG CREED DIED!” Plus, do I really care about Adonis Creed? No, I do not.

But after seeing this review, from a guy who basically hated Rocky  2 through 6, I am going to see this film the first chance I get. Have to. NEED TO. The fact that creed really won him over, much like how Rocky Balboa won over all of Soviet Russia in the middle of the Cold War, tells me that this movie is a cinematic masterpiece.

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