‘The Daily Show’ Breaks Down Exactly How Badly Matt Lauer Shit The Bed During The Commander-In-Chief Forum

by 2 years ago

Matt Lauer did a horrendous job moderating the Commander-in-Chief forum the other night. With a slew of possible hosts at their disposable, NBC News opted to go with the guy who does “hard news” in the weekday mornings like “Which Kardashian has the plumpest lips” and announced the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics like it was hour 7 of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.

Chuck Todd. Lester Holt. Anyone from MSNBC. Hell, even Willie Geist would have been a better option than Lauer. But not, the peacock went with the bald cock and Lauer was an ineffective interviewer during both the Trump and Clinton portions of the forum.

In this clip, The Daily Show points out just how bad Lauer was that night. Hilariously bad.

[via GQ]

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