Dan Bilzerian Just Said He’d Donate $1Mil to ALS If Ellen Degeneres Blows a Dude

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Dan Bilzerian isn’t letting the fact that it’s the Friday of a three day weekend stop him from trying to make headlines. Emphasis on head.

For those of you who aren’t up on all things Bilzerian, The Goat did the Ice Bucket Challenge two weeks ago in a hot tub surrounded by hot chicks in bikinis and a goat. Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it –

Doing the IBC in a bathing suit when you’re already wet is about as lame as it gets, but Bilzerian does whatever the hell he wants. In his caption, he said he donated 10k to ALS research, and for some reason, he challenged only one person – Ellen Degeneres.

Bilzerian Ellen Challenge

It’s been two weeks, and Ellen has yet to acknowledge Bilzerian’s challenge. Perhaps feeling dissed by the daytime host, Bilzerian decided to up the stakes, by posting an Instagram today with some random footage from his IBC, and adding that if Ellen blows a dude, he will donate $1 Million to the ALS Foundation.

Who would’ve thought that Dan Bilzerian, the guy who became famous for posting pics with hookers and guns, would be kinda a dick? Ellen is the most beloved lesbian on the planet, and when you publicly bully her to your 4 million+ fans, you’re gonna turn a couple people off. I’m not sure if this stems from some beef I’m not aware of, or he’s just decided to mess with America’s Lovable Lesbian for no reason.

I’m sure Ellen will ignore him because to acknowledge this would just give it more attention, which is exactly what he wants, but if she does end up blowing a dude on camera for a million bucks, that would be the most benevolent humanitarian move I’ve ever seen. It would be pretty funny if Ellen ends up getting honored by Obama or something – “Ellen, when you sucked that dick, all of us shed a tear over your commitment to ridding the world of this horrendous disease.”

The bet also inspired some discussion in the BroBible office about whether we would accept the challenge if it were posed to us. So many details here that need to be ironed out before giving a straight (no pun intended) answer, but I think I’d have to suck that dick. I could buy a lot of mouthwash with a million bucks, but I’d definitely have to get a look at who this guy was first. I’m not gonna blow some fat guy; I’m not a god damn animal.

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