David Fincher needs a Kickstarter now?

by 8 years ago
The Goon

Dark Horse Comics

It’s for Goon, though, so this is good news. One comic book property that has been rumored to come to the big screen for years is Eric Powell’s The Goon, which was first announced in 2008. Some big names were behind the adaptation, including David Fincher as producer and cutting-edge animation studio Blur as the production house. Test footage was produced a few years back, but the project just hasn’t been able to get off the ground.

One reason is probably because The Goon isn’t an easy sell. The main character is a giant, horribly scarred roustabout who beats up on supernatural creatures in a retro-styled city. It’s overflowing with bizarre violence and odd situations. It’s going to need a very gifted director to do it justice, and even then it might not catch on with a bigger audience. Making an animated film isn’t cheap, either.

In a very 2012 move, Fincher and director Tim Miller have decided to go to the public for funding for a story reel, via Kickstarter. They’re looking to pull in $400,000, and as of this writing they’re already a quarter of the way there. A story reel, if you’re not familiar, is designed to illustrate the big moments in the script for prospective financiers. On one hand, I’m happy that they’re committed to getting this movie done come Hell or high water, but on the other hand if they haven’t sold it yet, they probably won’t sell it at all.

Here’s the early test footage if you need a little convincing. I put a few bucks in to the Kickstarter, too.

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