David Spade Told An Incredible Story About The Time Chris Farley Punched Him In The Face For Drinking With Rob Lowe

Last night on The Late Late Show with James Corden, David Spade crashed the show with his Tommy Boy castmate Rob Lowe. See, you probably didn’t even remember Rob Lowe being in Tommy Boy, but — little known fact — he was actually the evil, twisted “brother” from “BROTHERS GOTTA HUG!!!”



Look familiar now?


Last night Spade told an endearing story about the time he brushed off Chris Farley to go grab a drink with Lowe while on the set of Tommy Boy. Turns out Farley took it more personally than we’d imagine it — The two started fighting, with Farley throwing the first punch. In his own words, “It was straight out of, like, Atlanta Housewives or something.”

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