Watch The ‘Deadpool’ Blooper Reel And Laugh So Hard You Spit Out Your Chimichanga

by 2 years ago

“Deadpool” was completely tasteless, vulgar, and raunchy. And that’s exactly why we cherished it. But the blooper reel is just as tasteless, vulgar, and raunchy and that is why you will adore it.

The “Deadpool” bloopers reel gives you a behind-the-scenes peek at all of the shenanigans, hijinx, flubs, fuck-ups, and ad-libs from the Marvel masterpiece. Watching T.J. Miller roast Wade Wilson’s disfigured face alone makes this gag reel worth the watch. There are even obscure pop culture references Ryan Reynolds that will have you watching Eddie Murphy’s 1986 comedy “The Golden Child.”

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