This Might Be The Dirtiest, Most Hilarious Answer Ever Given on ‘Family Feud’

family feud stuck finger answer

YouTube - Family Feud

Steve Harvey might have the best job in television. As host of Family Feud his only job is to read absurd questions and react accordingly to some of the dumbest answers ever given.

On occasion, however, some Family Feud answers are not stupid, but downright perfect. That was the case recently when Harvey asked contestant Kevin what was “the last thing you stuck your finger in?”

Kevin’s answer? “My wife.” High fives all around, even from his wife Ryan, while his family cheered, “Good answer!” Sadly, he did not score any points, which frankly is hard to believe.

Then when it was Ryan’s turn for the same question, everyone is expecting one thing, but she doesn’t deliver. “No, sir,” Kevin quickly tells Harvey.

Kevin did get some satisfaction, however, as Harvey expressed to him, “Kev, I’ve had a lot of good answers. It’s my favorite answer of all time. Don’t do that no more.”