The Donald Sterling Saga Gets the Porn Parody It Deserves

by 4 years ago


From the website, comes the porn parody the world’s been YEARNING for. I mean, just read the fucking overview of the full video according to the Cuckhold Sessions website…

It’s hard to believe that in 2014 there’s still racism and those who would rather not associate with “those people”. Donald owns a basketball team and his girlfriend and wife are about to set up a trap for him. You see, Donald’s been blowing his money on his girlfriend while his loving wife has been working hard and staying by his side. V. and Rochelle have Donald’s star player, Chris, come over to fuck his big black cock as he watches in absolute horror. On one end his wife and girlfriend are associating with a black guy, his star player. On the other end he’s playing with his tiny pecker, as for the first time in his life he has no control over the situation. Donald’s blood pressure rises as his wife and girlfriend fuck his BLACK money machine until they both share the black load. Donald, on the other hand, pulls his puny pecker(wood) until he erupts all over himself. The ladies, needless to say, are of no help to him at this point further.

Need I say more? No, I needn’t.

If you want to see more of this, type the name of the aforementioned CUCKHOLD website into your browser and do what feels natural.

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