‘Donald Trump Vs. The Rock’ Hype Video Is The Smack Talking Extravaganza The People Need

by 11 months ago

It wasn’t that long ago that Donald Trump was a sideshow fixture during WWE matches. Donald Trump, first and foremost, has always been able to command the attention of people. It’s how he was successful in real estate, it is what made his TV show The Apprentice popular, and it’s why his cameos with Vince McMahon and the WWE drove up ratings for a short time.

Conversely, the People’s Champ is the single greatest entertainer in modern history. He’s the #1 man in Hollywood, and Dwayne ‘The Rock‘ Johnson has the Baywatch film coming out this weekend. If you are/were a WWE fan and don’t love The Rock I’m not sure we can breathe the same air, that’s how goddamn precious this man is.

A recent poll showed that in a Presidential Election pitting Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson against Donald Trump, The Rock would win the election 42% to Trump’s 37%. To illustrate what a ‘Trump vs. The People’s Champ’ election (*cough* wrestling match *cough*) might look like, Jimmy Kimmel had his editors throw together this glorious hype video.

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