Loveline’s Dr. Drew Reveals The Horror Story That Can Happen When You Take Gas Station Penis Pills

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Not Safe With Nikki Glaser isn’t everyone’s cup of teabags, but videos like this — along with Comedians Feeding Porn Stars Dialogue and Women Trying To Chat While Riding Vibrators — don’t leave you with comedy blue balls. Dr. Drew from Loveline revealing what atrocity can happen when you take those dick pills at gas stations (skip to the 2:02 mark)…

Splay. Penises are supposed to spray, not splay. Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow. Toyota Priuspism comin’ at ya. Let me tell ya, I had three failed circumcision attempts, okay? Not tryna re-live that trauma.

Not gonna lie, I’ve come so very close to buying dick pills at gas stations that I’m honestly shocked it’s never happened. How many times can one man be tempted and not succumb? Well, I’m approaching 1,000 times lifetime. But, after doing some research recently, I highly recommend saw palmetto. Vaginas will leave you tips. Or take a gander at the supplements we featured.

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As for the Not Safe show, I wouldn’t judge the show by the comments on this video. My GAHD, it’s as savage as it gets. Let’s just skip over the “Not hot, not funny” jabs at Nikki because A) shit’s old, B) Tommy Toughguys making those comments probably wouldn’t be able to handle her in a real-life situation, but also C) it’s possible she talks a big game and can’t back it up come game time, just like most commenters, so it could be a match made in heaven.

Anyway, some commenters point out that Brian Redban was on the Joe Rogan Experience and already joked about gas station boner pills, which is basically like screaming, “Simpsons did it!” a la South Park. Like, once you make a joke about something, it’s to be be preserved in a glass case at a museum. NO TOUCHING! NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY!


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