This ‘SNL’ Sketch Making Fun Of Porn Is Incredible

The highlight of Saturday Night Live for me last night wasn’t Adam Driver’s much lauded “Undercover Boss” episode as Kylo Ren. It was Driver as Dr. Rockhard, a 70s gay porn movie doctor who is in… your butt.

Similar to the Amy Schumer porn sketch on SNL earlier this season, a clueless Aidy Bryant keeps crashing Dr. Rockhard’s examination room, leading to ridiculous exchanges like this:

Aidy: “Thanks for squeezing me in”
Dr.Rockhard: “I love to squeeze things in”
Aidy: “I know, you’re jam-packed today”
Dr.Rockhard: “About to be”
Aidy: “Well, it must be hard”
Dr.Rockhard: “It has to be hard”
Aidy: “Well, I’ll get out of your hair”
Dr.Rockhard: “I don’t have any hair”

“I have Blue Cross… and I have blue balls.”