This ‘SNL’ Sketch Making Fun Of Porn Is Incredible

by 3 years ago

The highlight of Saturday Night Live for me last night wasn’t Adam Driver’s much lauded “Undercover Boss” episode as Kylo Ren. It was Driver as Dr. Rockhard, a 70s gay porn movie doctor who is in… your butt.

Similar to the Amy Schumer porn sketch on SNL earlier this season, a clueless Aidy Bryant keeps crashing Dr. Rockhard’s examination room, leading to ridiculous exchanges like this:

Aidy: “Thanks for squeezing me in”
Dr.Rockhard: “I love to squeeze things in”
Aidy: “I know, you’re jam-packed today”
Dr.Rockhard: “About to be”
Aidy: “Well, it must be hard”
Dr.Rockhard: “It has to be hard”
Aidy: “Well, I’ll get out of your hair”
Dr.Rockhard: “I don’t have any hair”

“I have Blue Cross… and I have blue balls.”


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