Watch A Drunk Tara Reid Stumble Around After Talking Some Poor DJ Into Getting Her Name Tattooed On His Arm

by 4 years ago
Via Instagram

I personally like Tara Reid because she owns what she is: a hot mess who’s somehow avoided a meth addiction for many years now. But did you know that she’s a manipulative hot mess (and I mean that in the kindest, most flattering way)? On a flight back from Ultra Music Festival in Miami Tara met Crichy Crich, a DJ whose name I only recognized because I’ve been stuck on this song for the past week…

…but also because he gave a shout out to Borgore, and I have a minor obsession with that dude.

ANYWAYS, Tara talked Crichy Crich into getting her name tattooed on his arm, but since she’s a sly lil’ puppy she managed to get away without having to get HIS name on HER arm.

As you can see, they’re both plastered. As you can’t see, Crichy Crich woke up swimming in an ocean of regret (or so I’m assuming).


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