‘Family Guy’ Recreated The Epic ‘Kingsman’ Church Fight Scene With Chris And Meg Fighting The Entire School

by 2 years ago

If you’ve never seen Kingsman: The Secret Service then this fight scene might look really bloody and out of place to you. In Kingsman there’s a bloody fight scene which takes place in a Southern Baptist church set to ‘Free Bird’, and I shit you not when I say it’s probably the best fight scene in the past 20 years. The animators of Family Guy recreated that scene, only instead of Colin Firth’s Harry Hart/Galahad character killing the entire room it was Meg and Chris killing the entire school over an insensitive tweet from Peter.

I haven’t watched a new episode of Family Guy in years. Actually, until I saw this clip I didn’t even know they were still producing new episodes of the show. I’m more of a South Park man but I’m happy to catch a rerun of Family Guy if I’m flipping channels and need something to watch. Based on what I’ve seen above, I think I need to be setting the DVR and giving Family Guy a shot again. I just found the jokes tired and lazy for so long, there was no point in seeking the show out. Has that changed? Is anyone out there still watching?

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