‘He’s A Butterfingers Who Married A Real Butterpussy’ — NFL Players Do Fantasy For Regular People And It’s Amazing

by 3 years ago

This is some of Amy Schumer’s most inspired work to date. This ‘fantasy for regular people’ sketch has former NFL players drafting every day Joes and obsessing over them just like we obsess over our fantasy football teams each Fall.

What disturbs me the most about this sketch isn’t how accurate they are in obsessing over the players, it’s how quickly I came to the realization that I’d totally get in a fantasy league with my bros from college and gamble on the most mundane things in life. With tech wearables becoming standard the stat options are limitless here. You put together a group of like 15 of your bros, and you track stats like steps walked, stairs climbed, hours slept, number of times jerked off each week, dumps taken, calories ingested, etc. etc. I’d 100% get in on a league like this, and I already know which of my friends I’d draft for the stats I just listed.

The more I think about it the more I come to the realization that ‘Fantasy For Regular People’ NEEDS to be a thing. Anyone out there know how we can go about getting this up and running? Or whether or not Amy Schumer is planning on cashing in and releasing fantasy software for this? Because she really should…

(h/t Sportsgrid)

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