Farrah Abraham Gets BURNED About Her Sex Tape By A Clueless Moron In World’s Most Awkward Interview





In Farrah’s defense, I genuinely enjoyed her sex tape. And I’m not a big celebrity sex tape guy unless Pam is gobbling up Tommy’s Louisville Slugger on a yacht somewhere, but Farrah’s tape emptied my nutsack. Great production value, great angles, solid chemistry between Farrah and that meathead dude who was grunting through most of it. None of this dark, shaky camera, Blair Witch Project shit we’re used to seeing out of celeb tapes.

Butttt after hearing her speak in this interview and learning that she may very well be the stupidest person on the planet, I’ll stick to amateurs. I mean, fuck, I know there’s an age limit to be in porn but is there an IQ threshold? Farrah looked like she was dropped into that interview from Pluto while that bonehead spewed out nonsense questions. The blind leading the blind.

Not much going on behind those eyes.

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