This Tetris Wizard Will Actually Blow Your Mind…The Pieces Fall So Fast They’re Invisible

by 12 months ago

Firstly, make sure you watch to the 3-minute mark or jump ahead because that is when things get truly insane. Moving on…Yes, I’m posting a video that was uploaded to YouTube almost 10 full years ago. Why? Because this was the first video I saw this morning when I woke up and a buddy had sent this to a group text. Back in H.S., we had a friend who was a complete savant when it came to Tetris. This isn’t just me hyping up a friend. He’d play at a level where the pieces would be falling so fast that none of us could see them but him, and this would go on for several minutes.

I’d never seen that level of play in anyone else until now, and after seeing this video I’m fucking blown away. The speed of this video increases to the point where I literally cannot see pieces falling and I don’t understand how that player can either. This shit is bananas. It’s voodoo. And I hope this person found a practical use for that skill in the real world.


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